Tuesday, December 21, 2010


your bloggers early fall 2009, with our then brand new Nikes


This weekend, my I AM ME COLLECTIVE 12 days of xmas sweathirt, and my MODERN COULTURE cardigan finally made their way to my wardrobe! Just in time for the holidays. Peep the Made Monarchs stickers lol.

They're both local streetwear clothing lines here in St.Louis and I must say I love what they're both doing. Check Out these sites



Monday, December 13, 2010


so, me and my baby Melissa bought matching hats for the second time, and i wanted to take a picture wearing it. ps: we got em' from Urban Outfitters. after taking it, it reminded me of something. i said this looks like a member of NWA! and i think that's a good thing. i loved the whole West Coast rap scene back in the day. Eazy E, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre ( who i'm not sure if he has his license to practice medicine ) was the homies and i want for Boys N The Hood to be playing at my funeral. don't judge me!

i pictured myself on the second row, left of Eazy E. lol

i don't think i could have squeezed in this one. i would have been taking the picture. haha!

*on a side note, look at hoe huge my lips are! #teambiglips for life!


Friday, December 10, 2010


a couple nights ago i was chilling w/ my cousin and we always seem to have some great conversations. this time it was about how we miss the 90's! she was born in the late 80's so she has a real good grasp of the 90's! all of this is leading to a specific song that we had to run back a couple of times, a song that will take me back to wearing nothing but a white tee shirt, some Fruit Of The Looms underwear and a blanket w/ multicolored triangles! it's Take Me There by Mya, Blackstreet, Ma$e and Blinky Blink! if you are my age then you know where that came from. The Rugrats Movie! just sitting here is making me smile thinking of my life as a kid. ( sigh ) the good ol days. enjoy as much as i did!

this was about how hard i was smiling. smh, also in the picture is Broke x Jeyy x Melissa


Saturday, December 4, 2010


guess it should really be called Black Friday and other purchases because that's what i'm finna show y'all! lol, and i wanna thank Jeyy for wishing me well w/ that tricked out Alicia Keys picture. i really am feeling a lot better! i had temperatures up to 105.5! i just was not in a good state of health. but i bounced back to my old self in no time!

finally got my all black Doc's! they are so sexy, and i can Stomp The Yard in case of emergency.

i'm loving this all fur hat! it was 5 bucks at H&M and really, how could i ever say no to that?

my military-ish jacket also from H&M for only 20 dollars!

my ignorantly long scarf from Urban Outfitters! love that freaking scarf!

last but not least my Evo 4G w/ Sprint. yes, i did have an iPhone and i did love it. AT&T i didn't love. so i decided to be done w/ them and get the Evo. i pretty much love this freaking phone. so #teamAndroid what's cracking?

this is a pretty general overview of stuff that i got over the past couple weeks. minus a couple things that either i couldn't find, didn't wanna find, or was hard to take a picture w/.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

music x friends : Darris Robins

Remember a while ago, i made a post entitled TALENT LIVES IN THESE WALLS And I mentioned my pal Darris Robins who was doing his thing with his music career? Well we spoke a few days ago, and he's got some new tracks out, so of course Img iving him my support.

please click
HERE and check him out.


Made Monarchs Please check out that site, stl at its finest tehe. & i got the sticker at a party/event of theirs. I've kinda been vouching for them since I attended that event, because I didn't know us "young urban youth" could party like that. It was the perfect mix of classiness, but still keeping it St.louis.

Funny but serious: GET BETTER SOON!

Behr is sick, oh no! last time i talked to him, he made a tweet about having a temp of 105.5 that's no good... So Code Red, blogger down! You might remember a while ago when i was sick. Behr made a POST (HERE) dedicated to my good health and I appreciated it a lot ! :D so im returning the favor, with my homegirl here and her fresh braids.

LOL i googled "Get well Soon" and this chic w/ the side ponytail came up. I think he'd appreciate this

s/o to "soul city graphics" btw lol.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


This whole weekend I had No Voice At All.. I've pretty much been whispering my way around and laughing silently smh . But i was super hyped for the Black Friday sale, specifically at UO. Behr had went to UO the prior week, and saw a flyer that was like 50% everything. So of course we mobbed out to the galleria, planning to set it off. We hung out at our Friend Alexis' house for a few hours before doing a lot of crazy shenanigans, really just looking at YouTube videos, and the funniest moment to me: laughing at her younger sisters trophy, that she was basically awarded during a "Lean Wit it Rock Wit it" contest when it was hot. LOL its still funny now. By time we get to UO, we realize that the 50% off sale was off items already on sale.. It really put a damper on the whole mood, but we still made our way to the front and were some of the first people to get in. And I got in, and got it in! I managed to actually find some good items. (photo courtesy of Clinton Walker)

BDG Varsity Jacket: it was a hidden sale item. They had it sitting on the table by a bunch of stuff that wasnt on sale, but I liked it so i was considering getting it even though I didnt think it was on sale. But to my amazement the tag said it was on sale for $50, meaning $25 with the black friday sale. It was basically a steal !

If you click HERE you can see my post on Fall Inspiration, that you might remember. I mentioned that one of my must haves was a royal blue dress like my babe Va$htie wore.. its such a complimentary color, i love it! Its by Silence and Noise, one of my favorite UO brands.
These are just too cute, they're Deena & Ozzy suede scallop lace up booties, and theyre ultra adorable. After trying them on twice, i was convinced that they were just okay, but after seeing so many people gain interest in them in the store, i was starting to feel protective over them and decided they had to be mine lol.
This girl almost swiped them from me twice, and since my voice was gone, I had to use my inner strength to tell her those are mine lol. I had set my stuff neatly beside me while I was putting my other shoes back on, and she was going through my pile. People were on the prowl I tell you.

This was my first Black Friday experience and I enjoyed myself ! I left UO and only spent $65 for some essentials especially the jacket and shoes. I think I will def participate in Black Friday next year.


Thursday, November 18, 2010


meet Tayler Byrd. she's a 17 year old fashion heavyweight that females could learn a lot from. she has that high maintenance, spoiled girly girl thing going on, and i love it. i respect her because of the fact that this is something that she loves. and you can tell that from the way that she dresses. she also has knowledge of the industry, labels, and designers. from casual to dressy, sneakers to heels she does it all. and just as good as the other. me and Jeyy both have talked it over and we feel that her style is dope and she is more than deserving of this post. just wanna say i see you and all the amazing things fashion wise you are doing! #fashionovereverthing! ps: did i mention she's an Air Jordan type of girl? dope right?

*some photography credits go to Tim Moore.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


so we've got a back to back post that is for N.E.R.D! these are some visuals they put together for another song called Life As A Fish from their album Nothing which is out now!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


new video from N.E.R.D for the song Hypnotize U. their fourth album is in stores now, and i'm getting it asap! enjoy the video!


Sunday, October 24, 2010


so yesterday me and the rest of the world watched Kanye's mini movie Runaway. i'm honestly gonna keep this short and simple. i loved it, i appreciated it, and it is honestly art at it's finest. if you haven't seen it, or just wanna watch it again check it out below.


Saturday, October 23, 2010


okay, growing up in the 90's it was a kids sketch comedy show named All That that was on Nickelodeon. i'm sure you all remember! well it was a particular sketch that was funny that starred Nick Cannon and Keenan Thompson. i'll just let y'all watch the videos and have the memories come back! :)))


Thursday, October 21, 2010


Willow x Diggy



This is Curtis Taylor(yeah like in Dream Girls) lol! We've been down with this guy since our early years in high school.

He currently attends Mizzou and is doing big things ! He recently got to meet and photograph B.O.B. at a concert on campus, and had his pictures featured on XXLMAG.COM

Aside from the photography aspect, he's also planning on starting up a T-Shirt line and the idea he has is to dope and creative, but I cant even get into detail.

And he's even given Behr and I, our very on design for a blog t shirt, so you the followers can support us by buying a t shirt! We havent really got into planning that whole thing yet but the design is dope! We'll elaborate on it more in the future.. ;)



Wednesday, October 20, 2010


okay, this post is about two young ladies who i really enjoy watching on youtube. their names are Ivy, and Jess. what they do is sing together in harmony all in a capella! and i must say they do it very well. that's about the gist of it. check em' out below!
Justin Bieber- Baby

Jason Derulo- Whatcha Say

Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are



i've liked MGMT since the first time i heard their music. it was a really late night ( early morning ) and AMTV was on and this video came on. i tried to watch the whole thing w/o blinking because i was really intrigued by what i was seeing. it made me feel a lot of emotions between the song and the visuals. i felt bad, good, peaceful, relaxed, anxious. and i loved every second of it. this is what i call art. how you like it as much as i did. MGMT- Congratulations.



not too long ago i stumbled across this video on youtube, from that moment it's been a go to video to watch for me and Jeyy. obviously we were born in the early 90's so these songs were apart of our childhood. for our younger readers you'll find some classics from the 90's. to out readers who are close to us in age you'll remember a lot of these songs and how they made you feel. to our older readers you'll definitely have a good time stepping back in time for a second!


-additional vids, 2000




check the homie Diggy's mixtape Airborne out, and shoutout to dude! he ate that freestyle in that cypher! download it here!

-Ice Cube and his sons x Rev Run and his sons


this is G.O.O.D Music artist Cyhi Da Prynce's new mixtape titled Royal Flush. it out here!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Thank You DJ-Ev :)
a little late posting this mixtape
Download the Yeezy Effect

Sleep All Day, Party All Night, Never Grow Old, Never Die.

I got the quote off the cover of the movie Lost Boys. Gotta love the vampire lifestyle. I just recently watched this movie, and aside from the corny 1980's horror effects it was really cool. Vampires are always cool fashion and personality wise! If only they had a soul.


so i've been hip to the fact that Willow Smith is a dope kid a looong time ago. when i first seen her on the red carpets and stuff w/ her brother for Karate Kid. her style is sooo dope to me for her to be just 9 years old! then i heard she had a song, and i had to hear it. w/in seconds i was hooked and i loved it. because truth be told i do whip my hair back and forth! you can ask Jeyy. these dreads hurt when they get whipped at full speed. it's good that there is now a song that puts lyrics behind my actions! lol, i have to say she is the cutest little thing ever! i imagine that this is how my daughter will be. well how about this Willow, you've got your first date w/ me when you turn 18. ( no disrespect ) lol, check out her dope video for her single Whip My Hair!


Monday, October 18, 2010


Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers from beeple on Vimeo.

It was featured on the vimeo home page, its a cool video and uses "4D" technology.. when did we get past 3D? O_o lol


Friday, September 24, 2010


we all know i love females who wear sneakers. we all know i love females who wear Jordan's. Vashtie i might as well propose now! lol, recently she had teamed up w/ Air Jordan brand and made her own shoe! she is the first female to ever do it! that really just warmed my heart when i first found this out. hope this will encourage more women to rock sneakers!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FALL INSPIRATION: A Lighter side to fashion

For FALL, I am very excited to play with my dressy side.. Boots, Leggings/tights and dresses.
I am usually known as the all black everything type, and yeah thats going nowhere lol. But I have decided to find some styles that I would like, and be able to play with as far as more colors are concerned.
I really need some brown lace up boots, like the ones pictured here.
I've recently ordered a pair of red tights, like the ones pictured above I plan on wearing them with buckle up pumps, like the ones pictured except i have a black pair.

Red, has always been a color that Ive strongly disliked.. why? I dont know because now I love it and another item I cant see myself without this fall is a red dress. Something classic that speaks for itself simply because it's red.
And thanks to the lovely Ms.Vashtie Kola and the royal blue dress she wore to her bff Oscar Sanchez's birthday party, Ive noticed how striking this color can be also.

This is a style im veryy excited about. Shorts and tights together. Im just a huge fan of tights, and I love the fact that you can use them to basically keep all your summer and spring clothes in rotation. She also is wearing a trend that Im pretty fond of, which is the studded shoulder look.

LAST but not least, I did mention the fact that I was looking forward to playing w/ dresses, and I think a cream dress would be a nice addition to my wardrobe. It just appears more casual than white and paired w/ pastel colors and black, like it is pictured is something I never would have thought of.. so I'm inspired ♥


Saturday, September 11, 2010


this is the homie Big Sean's new mixtape. it's dope and you need to get it if you don't have it already. to keep this short and sweet he puttin' it down for the skinny dudes; and i wonder when he coming to Saint Lewis?

- link for download


Friday, September 10, 2010


straight outta South Central in 1990 comes Yo Yo! she is one of the reasons i wish i was a teenager in the 90's! i would have had a major crush on her! something about the braids and snapback! lol, she came out hardcore, in your face, and hood! and i like that! lol, she was all about women empowerment and standing for something. you have to take into account she had a dope attitude, she was cute, her voice is sexy, and any girl keeps a small gat in her purse is the girl for me ! and i'm a sucker for some pretty eyes too. but just to sum it up Yo Yo was the bomb and here is her video for Can't Play With My Yo Yo!

ps: i want Melissa to be her for Halloween! lol