Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A couple weeks, I got one side of my hair shaved off, leaving a mohawk down the middle, with the other side braided. Today I made my way down to the barber shop and had my guy Damon, chop off the other side too. So I now have a complete mohawk. Its very easy to do, and manage my god its bliss. And the plus is it happens to look very good.I was asked what I was gonna do when I get tired of it. Considering how HECTIC my life is about to get, moving away for college, and all the work that comes along with it, I think my mohawk might be here to stay lol. But when I do, I'll just let it grow out. And im not gonna lie, Rihanna influenced me a lot to make this decision, along w/ my bf Melissa who's been going crazy with the clippers on her hair before me.



i've never really really been big into sports my whole life. but i must say sports have some pretty cool fashion!

-soccer; their warm up pants are the best thing ever invented to me! loose fitting at the hips and thigh, but tight below the knee! i got a pair of Adidas warm up pants and i'm in love with em'!

excuse the room. y'all know y'alls be like that too sometimes! lol

-basketball has mesh tank tops, and those have been dope since i was a little one. and since my Lakers won ( sorry Celtic fans ) i need to get some of their gear. plus the color scheme is dope; purple and gold! the Chicago Bulls colors are dope with the red, white, and black.

and last i need to cop some Cardinals stuff! gotta rep the Lou when i head up there to Chicago, let em' know what's up! :) if you really think about it baseball jersey's are short sleeve button ups! lol


Monday, June 28, 2010


yeah, so like two days ago i went to get another tattoo! this time it's a quote. it reads: Pain is imperative; suffering, however, is optional. i don't know where i heard the quote from i just know that i liked it enough to get it tatted! two down a million more to go! here are some pictures! ps: i finally got my hair re-twisted and it can finally fit in a ponytail! holla!

ps: ps: i got a new toy! i love my iPhone, i don't know how i was living my life before i got it because it is a nessecity! and i will be getting the iPhone 4 in December as a Christmas present to myself. yes kids, it's not too early to be thinking of a Christmas list! lol

and ps: ps: ps: i dyed my hair brown with the help of Jeyy and Melissa. you can't tell in the picture but it's pretty dope. i'm gonna dye it the same color one more time and you'll really be able to see it! i'm just happy that the dark brown/ black crap is gone!


Sunday, June 27, 2010


As a future Chi Town resident I need this snap back in my life. Ever since I was a tween I liked snap backs because my grandpa had his snap back collection featured in the back window of his caddy, and I used to play with the snaps on them for fun whenever I was with him lol. Now that I feel confident enough to wear a cap, because before I never really liked them, this is the perfect one for me ! $50 via Karmaloop.com
PS its REALLY Retro ! doppee.



Seth Narley, I noticed his lyrics on Twitter, and I was impressed so I followed. Check his music he's dope. He gave me the First Two singles from his
FreshMenNHighsCool Ep dropping late July/early August. Check out his singles RUN THIS & BACK WITH ANOTHER 1 .

+ Check his Twitter @TheRealS_Narley


Sunday, June 20, 2010


I hope Vashtie will be there for me forever, because over the last year, she's been my fashion icon. She inspires me to look casual, while getting all the attention as if i was wearing a bedazzled dress. And most importantly how to be sexy in layers in the winter time. She is the reason i started wearing combat boots,opaque tights, leggings, chambray shirts and chained purses. She wear's a lot of designer brands but i found it easy to imitate and I love that ! I really just wanna put pictures of Vashtie, so here they are !

HERE to see and old Vashtie inspire post.

Friday, June 18, 2010


so i was on twitter today and Teyana tweeted a youtube link. so of course i went to check it out! lol, but when i first started watching i didn't understand. after it was over i read the video description and found out it was a part of a series made my a bmx biker named Nigel Sylvester. he teamed up with Gatorade to make a mini series about his a day in his life. it is one of the coolest things i've seen in a minute! and it featured song by an artist of the name of Donnis. i am not hip to him but from the videos i like his work and i'll have to check it out because it seems like he'll have his own post soon enough. check it out! ps: my grown woman crush Va$htie has a cameo in one of the videos. she looks amazing just like Teyana! i guess i got a thing for New York girls!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


for as long as i can remember i've always loved sneakers. beyond that i've always love girls wearing sneakers. girls have so many options as far as heels, flats, sandals, and ect. all of those are cool but ain't nothing sexier to me than a girl with a dope pair of sneakers on. i love a girl that will choose a pair of sneakers over anything else! so here are some females in my life who live what i'm talking about.

-Brooke x Retro "Lakers" 6's

okay this is the home girl Brooke. first off she's a Laker fan and that makes everything better! and no she is not a sneaker head, but for her to choose a sneaker to wear she couldn't have picked a more perfect one. Air Jordan's are a personal favorite for me, and the look really dope on her. she does however inform me that she use to be on her Jordan game in middle school but then just stopped. hopefully we can get her back on that train! lol!

-Gi'Anna x Air Max 95's

Gi'Anna is not a stranger to this blog at all. this will be her third time being on here and i don't see her slowing down. once again she is not a sneaker head, but when she decided to get her a pair she got some of the best! those Air Max's are sexy! the fact that she is so fashion forward means that if you see her in a pair of sneakers she is gonna be killing the game! just as a side note; she will be a senior this year and i am more than happy to see how she is going to own the fashion game at Hazelwood Central. me and Jeyy pass the torch on to you! lol!

-Ashley x Air Jordan's Brand

Ashley is the epitome of a sneaker head! her specialty being Air Jordan's! she is one them now, been on them, and will keep being on them! it seems to me as is if it may be a family thing because her and her brother both are Jordan lovers. she is the type of female that is so dope to me. the kind that will rock a fly pair of kicks with a dress. i think that, that is the sexiest thing ever! this post is to let my baby sisters and my home girl know that i appreciate the fact that they let sneakers be apart of their lives. because it is so easy for girls to just wear a pair of sandals, or something but little do they know it's a lot of guys out here just like me who love a girl in some sneakers!




Sunday, June 13, 2010


i got chills when Ye' came out! can't wait for the new album because that means new concert. which also means i will be there!


Sunday, June 6, 2010


era's of time are really cool to me. and these two videos are examples of this! i wish that i could go back in time to just experience some of these time periods. everything was dope. the clothes, television set, radio, furniture. i can dig it a lot!

-Beyonce- Why Don't You Love Me. this video is really sexy and i love watching it, not to mention the song is pretty dope too!

-Lady Gaga- Eh, Eh. once again great song and the video just looks like a fun time!


Friday, June 4, 2010


So I'm beginning to resent that almost all my favorite accesories are black. heres just a few tht i spotted laying around my room.

Then there's my black blackberry !
A shirt i just bought
These are the only shoes I wear frequently, that you cant classify as totally black lol.
Here's the shoes i wear most often... ALL black. I LOVE neutral colors. SO i think instead of sticking to black, I'm gonna try more white's greys and blues. And if I do color, it has to be pastel.. just a random fact about myself I discovered while trying to find something summery to wear today lol.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


the new COOL KIDS mixtape, "Tacklebox" I love how they've been giving us something to bump every summer. 'Gone Fishing' held it down last summer, we'll see how this one compares. anyway LISTEN



i love this blog, and i love the person i do it with ! 92's 1st BDAY is coming up. No official word on how we will celebrate yet, but i promise you it will be EPIC/DOPE !


KANYE, aka yeezy, kanyevel, louis vuitton don, mr.west, college dropout, or just my big bro is finally coming back. His album is set to drop in September, and he's supposed to be back to the 'old kanye' i guess meaning prior to 808s &HB. Anyway everybody has been playing 'Power" his newly released track, and speaking of which a new mixed version is supposed to be released sometime within the next 24 hrs ! I'll let you know when i find it...