Saturday, November 27, 2010


This whole weekend I had No Voice At All.. I've pretty much been whispering my way around and laughing silently smh . But i was super hyped for the Black Friday sale, specifically at UO. Behr had went to UO the prior week, and saw a flyer that was like 50% everything. So of course we mobbed out to the galleria, planning to set it off. We hung out at our Friend Alexis' house for a few hours before doing a lot of crazy shenanigans, really just looking at YouTube videos, and the funniest moment to me: laughing at her younger sisters trophy, that she was basically awarded during a "Lean Wit it Rock Wit it" contest when it was hot. LOL its still funny now. By time we get to UO, we realize that the 50% off sale was off items already on sale.. It really put a damper on the whole mood, but we still made our way to the front and were some of the first people to get in. And I got in, and got it in! I managed to actually find some good items. (photo courtesy of Clinton Walker)

BDG Varsity Jacket: it was a hidden sale item. They had it sitting on the table by a bunch of stuff that wasnt on sale, but I liked it so i was considering getting it even though I didnt think it was on sale. But to my amazement the tag said it was on sale for $50, meaning $25 with the black friday sale. It was basically a steal !

If you click HERE you can see my post on Fall Inspiration, that you might remember. I mentioned that one of my must haves was a royal blue dress like my babe Va$htie wore.. its such a complimentary color, i love it! Its by Silence and Noise, one of my favorite UO brands.
These are just too cute, they're Deena & Ozzy suede scallop lace up booties, and theyre ultra adorable. After trying them on twice, i was convinced that they were just okay, but after seeing so many people gain interest in them in the store, i was starting to feel protective over them and decided they had to be mine lol.
This girl almost swiped them from me twice, and since my voice was gone, I had to use my inner strength to tell her those are mine lol. I had set my stuff neatly beside me while I was putting my other shoes back on, and she was going through my pile. People were on the prowl I tell you.

This was my first Black Friday experience and I enjoyed myself ! I left UO and only spent $65 for some essentials especially the jacket and shoes. I think I will def participate in Black Friday next year.


Thursday, November 18, 2010


meet Tayler Byrd. she's a 17 year old fashion heavyweight that females could learn a lot from. she has that high maintenance, spoiled girly girl thing going on, and i love it. i respect her because of the fact that this is something that she loves. and you can tell that from the way that she dresses. she also has knowledge of the industry, labels, and designers. from casual to dressy, sneakers to heels she does it all. and just as good as the other. me and Jeyy both have talked it over and we feel that her style is dope and she is more than deserving of this post. just wanna say i see you and all the amazing things fashion wise you are doing! #fashionovereverthing! ps: did i mention she's an Air Jordan type of girl? dope right?

*some photography credits go to Tim Moore.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


so we've got a back to back post that is for N.E.R.D! these are some visuals they put together for another song called Life As A Fish from their album Nothing which is out now!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


new video from N.E.R.D for the song Hypnotize U. their fourth album is in stores now, and i'm getting it asap! enjoy the video!