Thursday, November 18, 2010


meet Tayler Byrd. she's a 17 year old fashion heavyweight that females could learn a lot from. she has that high maintenance, spoiled girly girl thing going on, and i love it. i respect her because of the fact that this is something that she loves. and you can tell that from the way that she dresses. she also has knowledge of the industry, labels, and designers. from casual to dressy, sneakers to heels she does it all. and just as good as the other. me and Jeyy both have talked it over and we feel that her style is dope and she is more than deserving of this post. just wanna say i see you and all the amazing things fashion wise you are doing! #fashionovereverthing! ps: did i mention she's an Air Jordan type of girl? dope right?

*some photography credits go to Tim Moore.


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