Saturday, April 30, 2011


Lol. I love my city, this is hilarious. Please follow them.. @Nicholsaccomp and @Twiggykix and I dont know if anybody else noticed but I really like the fashion, seriously. The Bordeauxs of course, I saw a made monarch sweatshirt, Twiggy's whole outfit was nice ! But on top of that its so funny.. my favorite part is when the dog is dancing in the corner lol, or the turkey baster lol. I cant decide..

Thug Friends "Titties and Carrot Cake" Drops Wednesday from Absolutism on Vimeo.

Me and Rahmar love this song! We both watched Golden Girls.. i know weird. we sang along !!

Thug Friends "Titties and Carrot Cake" from Absolutism on Vimeo.

prom 2011

The lovely couple
Blazers, they customized themselves
Shoe Game
i had to get in of course!

Its the Return of 4EVA

I love Krit, this mixtape is in heavy rotation right now.

My Sub
Highs & Lows
Get Right
American Rapstar
Made Alot
Rise and Shine
Sookie Now ft. David Banner

Video for Dreamin..

Gorgeous: Melie Bianco bag

Random Photo: Modern Coulture cardigan, H&M dress, Jesus Piece

Curtis My Man ! Friends for life

Basic Bot Stickers ! dope
yes there was dancing involved lol

me always moving my hand lol, Micah pointed that out to me
haha gargoyle


Air Jordan VII 'Bordeaux' PT 2

Yes I did get them, two days before they hit strores too! but im late posting.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Rihanna "Skin" (OCAT Dubstep remix)

We went to high school with these guys! #winning. OCAT remix to "Skin" by riri... like the video on youtube !

Preview: Young Love!

During our photo shoot with our guy Curtis, I was taking a few of my own pictures of the lovely couple..

Picture: Cant Get Enough ;)

I'm obsessed with my tattoo.