Tuesday, May 25, 2010


i've been waiting for this one for a minute. this is one of my favorite songs off of Rihanna's album. it just makes me feel like the cool bad kids in school whenever i listen to it lol, anyway this is the video for Rihanna- Rockstar 101, enjoy!


Monday, May 24, 2010


i HAVE to go see this! this is really close to my heart because i used to take karate! it was really cool, and i was pretty good! it really taught me how to choke people in a really effective way! lol, but anyway Jackie Chan has always been the homie, and i remember watching his show on channel 2 on Saturday mornings! and Jayden first and foremost was rocking the penitentiary braids like a true No Limit Soldier! lol, and i think this movie will really be a good roll for him! i'm really excited! here is the trailer!



this is the homie Wiz with his video to The Kid Frankie. straight off of Kush and Orange Juice. and on a side note we putting it down for the skinny dudes! lol



so this is Breezy's new video to the song No Bs, which was on both Fan Of A Fan, and In My Zone. the homie is getting his grown man on big time. check it out.



so Chris Brown and Tyga teamed up to make a really dope mixtape. that is on heavy rotation in my iTunes! point blank period download it now by clicking here!

-Dueces video



ok so Teyana Taylor put out her version of the song after i was done with the first post. all is well, enjoy sexy Teyana singing Alicia Keys ft. Drake- Un-thinkable!



okay, so i heard this song before i seen the video. when i seen that Ye' produced it i was really excited because i haven't heard anything from him in a minute. i have to say he went in on this beat! i already loved 808's & Heartbreak so within seconds of hearing it i was sold! i have been playing this song, and video non stop. i've always liked it when Drake sung on his songs and this one is no different. and the video is really dope too! well, enough of me talking. enjoy the video! oh and by the way i really wanna make a routine to this one!


Monday, May 17, 2010


i just wanna say that this blog is coming up on it's 1st birthday, and we thank everyone who has ever looked, commented, or supported us and our blog. it feels really good when people tell us they like it because we honestly do work hard on it! i wanna also say i love you Jeyy and as we come to a new chapter in our lives i can't wait to start our true takeover of the world. to infinity and beyond! <3



so my birthday was last weekend on May the 15th! i had the best birthday that i can remember. i can thank the dream team for that! other than me being 18 finally i just enjoyed myself! from waking up to falling asleep was just fun and i genuinely had an amazing day and felt a true happiness that i was fun to just experience. we had a senior bowling trip thingy at King Pin lanes. i got to see a lot of people and have a lot a fun. we then went to the Drunken Fish for a bite to eat, and some wild dancing! lol, i got some cards and a whole lot of happy birthdays and it felt really good! i really felt loved. i got my real license, registered to vote, and opened my own bank account! my next mission is to walk across the street to the gas station and buy the cheapest pack of cigarettes they have and throw them away just because i can! lol! oh and since i'm 18 in the words of Wiz Khalifa i'ma ink my whole body, i don't give a you know what! lol

me, Darryn, and Ash! we <3>Jordans!

Lex w/ my bowtie, and me looking silly!

the first of our drunk dancing friends! lol

happy birthday from the Drunken Fish!

looked good, didn't eat it though. . . darn lactose intolerance!

Mel, Micah, and our other drunk dancing friend!

"i love ya sushi roll, hotter than wusabi"

oh yeah, i was feeling it!

Ash x me x GiGi'

good shot of my outfit!

young love!

Jeyy being ghetto fab! lol, plugged her phone up in the resteraunt!

there she goes again! she winded up kissing Lex on the cheek! lol


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i really do love this song. it is Alicia Keys ft. Drake- Un-thinkable ( I'm Ready). she really is one amazing artist and her last album is filled with some great stuff! but this particular song is a really deep one, with a pretty powerful video. not to mention she looks really nice in it too! and just something else i wanna say is Lydia Paek is first and foremost a dope young lady. she dances and sings and does them equally as good. people who dance may know her from being in a crew named Boxcuttuhz! she posts videos of her singing on youtube so subscribe to her! and this is one of her singing Un-thinkable! enjoy both!



so i've been hip to the fact that my wifey Teyana Taylor had been saying she was going to make a band. in the Drop It Low video they made a cameo. and on twitter she broke down what the acronym means; U)nderneath G)reatness L)ies Y)ou. well now they have snippet of their first single Wasted which will be released in the summer! i don't think it is possible for me to get tired of it. since it was posted on twitter i've had it on repeat ever since! the band consists of Teyana, Chris Breezy, Mijo, Ethan, and Braxton. i honestly can't wait until they officially come out! to keep up with my love and everyone else in Ugly follow them on twitter!

-snippet of Wasted

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


here are some pictures of me, Jeyy, and Melissa w/ our prom attire on! a night that i will always remember! lol, and i feel real silly because i uploaded the pictures in reverse order. oh well!

-sneaker fiend!

-Jeyy looking sexy!

Buckwheat and Lara Croft

-don't judge us! lol

-our ghetto prom pic! lol


Friday, May 7, 2010


so one day i was on twitter and i noticed i had a new follower. it was ForTheLoveOfTLs and i didn't know who or what that was so i went to the page. it turns out that it is a very dope designer that is doing some really cool things. i went to the website link that was on the twitter page and it turned out to be TLS's website which stands for Triple L. Society. the three L's being Live. Life. Lavish. all of this is from he mind of a young designer by the name of Lawrence Nurse. he is a pretty ambitious guy from Brooklyn,New York and has a some pretty cool celebs wearing his stuff like Eva Pigford and Eryka Badu. you can find out more about him, and his line by visiting the website. i'm just here to say i am a new supporter of him and all he is doing. so you all do the same! i'm actually planning on buying some of his pieces in the very near future! oh and he is a fellow dread head too and that's dope!

-Lawrence Nurse




Wednesday, May 5, 2010


these are some dope blogs you should check out!


so Jeyy put me onto this song. i used to remember her saying she like it a lot and that she thought that she was sooo pretty. i also remember her talking about how the video reminded her on of a movie that i can't think of right now. so i listened, and loved it so here is Bat For Lashes- Daniel!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


i've actually been meaning to make this post for a really long time now. it is all about an artist by the name of Theophilus London. if i were to assign him to a genre of music, all i would be able to say is good music. i've been liking him for a while and recently he's been kicking it with our girl Va$htie! he has three mixtapes that are all dope, i think i personally like This Charming Mixtape the most. something about songs like Hum Drum Town, The Drug, Always Love You, and Cold Pillow really just take me somewhere. and i really want to make some dances to his music. so listen, learn, and love Theophilus London!

-Theophilus performing at Va$htie's party

Theophilus x Va$htie