Friday, May 7, 2010


so one day i was on twitter and i noticed i had a new follower. it was ForTheLoveOfTLs and i didn't know who or what that was so i went to the page. it turns out that it is a very dope designer that is doing some really cool things. i went to the website link that was on the twitter page and it turned out to be TLS's website which stands for Triple L. Society. the three L's being Live. Life. Lavish. all of this is from he mind of a young designer by the name of Lawrence Nurse. he is a pretty ambitious guy from Brooklyn,New York and has a some pretty cool celebs wearing his stuff like Eva Pigford and Eryka Badu. you can find out more about him, and his line by visiting the website. i'm just here to say i am a new supporter of him and all he is doing. so you all do the same! i'm actually planning on buying some of his pieces in the very near future! oh and he is a fellow dread head too and that's dope!

-Lawrence Nurse




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