Monday, March 29, 2010


lol, so this post has nothing to do with the title. it was just something funny to say. anyway, it is however about some new items i've purchased. i got a pair of military type boots and a denim shirt which i have been needing for a while now! thank you Urban Outfitters and Journeys! i'll make this one short and sweet, pictures below. and a fun fact is while i was uploading the pictures i was bumping Jay Z- Big Pimpin'.

-if you don't have to, don't stand like this. it is really painful.

-i was laying on my back while taking this one. lol

-bad picture of the shirt! lol, but you get the general idea.


Thursday, March 25, 2010


okay, so i'ma take y'all through so history course right now. a history course about how this blog even came to be. so one day i was over Jey's house and i said you know what? we should make a blog. and she thought it was a good idea and informed me of the fact that she already had one but it was more of a diary type of thing. so she asked what to call it. i brought up a song called 93 Til Infinity. i first heard about this song from watching an OLD Kanye special that was on MTV. i remember him saying how his mother would tell him to go to bed and he would sneak and put his headphones on and listen to music. i also remember him laying down on the stage while he was talking to the crowd about this with a pair of headphones sorta like a flashback of his life. one of the songs he brought up was 93 Til Infinity by Souls of Mischief and he was saying how all of them took turns rapping the hook. i searched and found the song and instantly fell in love with it. so i was like what about something having to do with the song and we came to 92 Till Infinity because that's the year we were born. since the original song artists have out their spin on it like Kanye and Consequence to Tyga to J. Cole. and we just wanna say thank you for such a amazing song, which gave us the concept for this whole blog thing.

-original song

-Consequence and Kanye

-J. Cole



KID CUDI - SOUNDTRACK 2 MY LIFE KiD CuDi - Soundtrack 2 My Life (Directed by Jason Goldwatch) from DatNewCudi / DP on Vimeo.

Just like ANY Cudi video ive ever seen, its super entertaining. I love him, he has such a great personality. & He's also doing GREAT on How to Make in America, has to be one of my favorite shows on tv right now. Kid Cudi still, and always will have a fan in me. I want to see him livee. Heres the openin credits to the show, its a lot of fun to look at

How To Make It In America Intro from Bert Stragier on Vimeo.


Monday, March 22, 2010


sooo. . . i was chilling with my baby boo Melissa last Saturday over her crib. we were just having a normal good time until the night took a turn for the better, if that's the correct way to put it. we started playing on her Nintendo Wii. and the game we played was called Deca Sports. within a minute of it coming on we hear this theme song and instantly started dancing like some type of music slaves. we really like the words, and what's being said. and it may seem as if we not serious about this but we honestly are. we go around just singing the song like it's on the radio or something. anyway, that's our song. either like it or die. lol

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Check out Wiz and his poses. lol.Big Sean is right on the edge of mainstream music, like he really should have been out before if not with Cudi I dont see why he never got that chance. Getcha Some is just not hot anymore, but it once had a lot of potential to be a hit single. Ive been told by a very reliable source that J. Cole is pretty dope too.As for the rest, you might know more than me, I dont keep up with too many new artists.


Sunday, March 7, 2010


okay, so Cameron. . . i mean Wiz Khalifa is gonna be in Saint Louis this Thursday! he will be performing downtown at the Old Rock House. the cost to get up in there will be 13 big ones. i'm pretty darn excited because his music is dope, and this is going to be the first musical even that i will hopefully be attending this year! this would be the most perfect way to start off spring break because we don't have school on the next day. so can anybody teach me to hot wire a car in a matter of four days. if not i'll just take the car jacking skills i've learned over the years from Grand Theft Auto so me and the posse can get down there. lol, and on a side not i do not like smoking but i've always wanted someone to blow the rings on smoke like he is doing in the picture!

- '92 TILL INFINITY • (Behr)

Friday, March 5, 2010


the posse (me, jey, and melissa) all have tattoo's starting with Melissa and ending with me. this is something that i don't see slowing down anytime soon. we all love art, and ink is art and more than anything you're art that you get to share with people for the rest of you're life. that is one of the things that i feel like makes us closer as a group of friends. as far as i'm concerned i am already planning for the next time that i'm going to go get tatted. below are some pictures of our tats!

this is my tat! i just got it last Tuesday at Urban Expressions. it is a heart, with roman numerals around it standing for the day my father died and was born. the two dates are separated by diamonds, since diamonds are forever it was cool to me that they were in the tattoo because he will live on in my heart forever. i love the position of it because after a ton of googling i found out that out hearts are located in the center of our chests and slightly to the left. i'm not at all done with the tattoo though. i plan to get a black outline of a heart around the red to give it more of a heart shape. then four times around the roman numerals standing for me, my brother, sister, and mother because all he really ever wanted is for us to be a family. and with this tattoo we will be.

this is Jey's first tattoo! she got hers done at Urban Expressions too, but she went to a different location than me. she decided to get a bow in the coolest spot which would be the side of her chest. it is done with black ink, and is really simple and nice looking. Jey is known a lot for her massive bow that she do not play with. her, Melissa and the homegirl Amber call themselves the "Bow Squad" because of their love for bows.

[Melissa's tat not photoed at this time]

Thursday, March 4, 2010


TODAY was a good day. nice time with the cool kids of Central.

(im so infatuated with my tattoo !)
- JEY !