Friday, March 5, 2010


the posse (me, jey, and melissa) all have tattoo's starting with Melissa and ending with me. this is something that i don't see slowing down anytime soon. we all love art, and ink is art and more than anything you're art that you get to share with people for the rest of you're life. that is one of the things that i feel like makes us closer as a group of friends. as far as i'm concerned i am already planning for the next time that i'm going to go get tatted. below are some pictures of our tats!

this is my tat! i just got it last Tuesday at Urban Expressions. it is a heart, with roman numerals around it standing for the day my father died and was born. the two dates are separated by diamonds, since diamonds are forever it was cool to me that they were in the tattoo because he will live on in my heart forever. i love the position of it because after a ton of googling i found out that out hearts are located in the center of our chests and slightly to the left. i'm not at all done with the tattoo though. i plan to get a black outline of a heart around the red to give it more of a heart shape. then four times around the roman numerals standing for me, my brother, sister, and mother because all he really ever wanted is for us to be a family. and with this tattoo we will be.

this is Jey's first tattoo! she got hers done at Urban Expressions too, but she went to a different location than me. she decided to get a bow in the coolest spot which would be the side of her chest. it is done with black ink, and is really simple and nice looking. Jey is known a lot for her massive bow that she do not play with. her, Melissa and the homegirl Amber call themselves the "Bow Squad" because of their love for bows.

[Melissa's tat not photoed at this time]

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