Sunday, March 7, 2010


okay, so Cameron. . . i mean Wiz Khalifa is gonna be in Saint Louis this Thursday! he will be performing downtown at the Old Rock House. the cost to get up in there will be 13 big ones. i'm pretty darn excited because his music is dope, and this is going to be the first musical even that i will hopefully be attending this year! this would be the most perfect way to start off spring break because we don't have school on the next day. so can anybody teach me to hot wire a car in a matter of four days. if not i'll just take the car jacking skills i've learned over the years from Grand Theft Auto so me and the posse can get down there. lol, and on a side not i do not like smoking but i've always wanted someone to blow the rings on smoke like he is doing in the picture!

- '92 TILL INFINITY • (Behr)

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