Wednesday, May 18, 2011



Retro XI 's BLACK & VARSITY RED. In good condition and AUTHENTIC.. size 7! (my size)

Im still wondering who would sell them? And they were a little less than $30 for resale.. somebody was a fool to let these go. They couldn't have sold them for more than 15 dollars to the store.

Im happy though!

At home with his Jumpman friends. There's more coming !

We talked about it for a minute tryna decide if I should get them.. Im Not normally into resale shoes, but Im not stupid enough to not get these.

Us today! still happy lol. I always find an interest with the design on the bottom of each pair Jordans.

PS. its hard to find these online for less than $200. Do the math!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Throwback: Oh how i miss being able to wear a bun !

my hair is about ye long now! i like it this short for now, st.louis humidity is nothing to play with!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


so it's prom season in Saint Louis and here are some of my favorite looks, along w/ my pick for best dressed. let's get into it!

Brooke Bishop set the standard high last year as my choice for best dressed!

Gigi looking stunning in this long puffy white gown.

Jonise looking pretty in pink!

Kristen wearing this short sexy red dress!

Jordan killing w/ this grey, black, and white look w/ the sandals!

Jordan and Me showing you dudes how it's done!

and my choice for best dressed of any prom for any school is. . . Tayler Bryd! i remember her sending me pictures when this dress wad only a sketch. to see her vision come to life is just so amazing to me. her hair, her make up, her jewelry, her dress, her nails, her shoes were all at a 10! loved it and i love you babe!

her monster prom shoes!
her looking beautiful in her dress!
you better do it Ms. Best Dressed!

Do Boys Love Barbie Dillinger?

you damn skippy!, lol. this post is for one of the dopest females doing it; Nya aka Barbie Dillinger! the first time i can remember running into her was at a fashion show me, Jeyy, and Melissa attended. she had her own set for her clothing line Bullet Proof Babes. then i'd see her a couple other times at parties nstuff, and they ways things work in Saint Louis is that all the cool kids know each other, so it was bound for us to know each other. *fun fact, you went to pre school w/ my best friend Alexis Fennoy. anyway, to cut to the chase, she's one of those people in life that you should keep your eye on. and one of the ones who is actually doing something positive in Saint Louis so my hat is off to you. ps: we got into an argument over twitter because we both rep #teambiglips, but she just wont agree that mine are better, lol. btw we gotta kick it soon! follow her on twitter; @BoysLoveBD

*Bullet Proof Babes

don't shush me!

Barbie's lips

Behr's lips *under my breath, are better!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Musically Inclined Homiee.

I love this song, so I was hyped my guy Mario played this on his violin! Throughout our high school career, I ve heard his spin on many songs, this is one of my favorites..

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Sunday, May 1, 2011


I definitely appreciate this group.. "You Only Live Twice" is a favorite in my library, every song is rated 5 stars lol.

Its got a real chill vibe, and so much substance in every song. I love it, that's why I'm taking time to blog over it. I'm pretty cool with one of the group members who actually put me on to a few of the songs before the mixtape dropped, and I was instantly a fan. They don't sound duplicated at all, its fresh, its dope.. something everybody could appreciate.

If You're Wise.. you'd download it HERE

My absolute favorites..
"Stop The World"
"Pam Grier"
"I Will"

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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Lol. I love my city, this is hilarious. Please follow them.. @Nicholsaccomp and @Twiggykix and I dont know if anybody else noticed but I really like the fashion, seriously. The Bordeauxs of course, I saw a made monarch sweatshirt, Twiggy's whole outfit was nice ! But on top of that its so funny.. my favorite part is when the dog is dancing in the corner lol, or the turkey baster lol. I cant decide..

Thug Friends "Titties and Carrot Cake" Drops Wednesday from Absolutism on Vimeo.

Me and Rahmar love this song! We both watched Golden Girls.. i know weird. we sang along !!

Thug Friends "Titties and Carrot Cake" from Absolutism on Vimeo.

prom 2011

The lovely couple
Blazers, they customized themselves
Shoe Game
i had to get in of course!

Its the Return of 4EVA

I love Krit, this mixtape is in heavy rotation right now.

My Sub
Highs & Lows
Get Right
American Rapstar
Made Alot
Rise and Shine
Sookie Now ft. David Banner

Video for Dreamin..

Gorgeous: Melie Bianco bag

Random Photo: Modern Coulture cardigan, H&M dress, Jesus Piece

Curtis My Man ! Friends for life

Basic Bot Stickers ! dope
yes there was dancing involved lol

me always moving my hand lol, Micah pointed that out to me
haha gargoyle


Air Jordan VII 'Bordeaux' PT 2

Yes I did get them, two days before they hit strores too! but im late posting.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Rihanna "Skin" (OCAT Dubstep remix)

We went to high school with these guys! #winning. OCAT remix to "Skin" by riri... like the video on youtube !

Preview: Young Love!

During our photo shoot with our guy Curtis, I was taking a few of my own pictures of the lovely couple..

Picture: Cant Get Enough ;)

I'm obsessed with my tattoo.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yeah i was taking pictures while getting tattooed.

my little big brother, blogging buddy best friend BEHR
One of them..

Behr and Mel

Finished product, Micah wanted me to take this picture lol! Done by Behrs Evo btw

A lil footage from the day, i know its not HD that sucks!