Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Do Boys Love Barbie Dillinger?

you damn skippy!, lol. this post is for one of the dopest females doing it; Nya aka Barbie Dillinger! the first time i can remember running into her was at a fashion show me, Jeyy, and Melissa attended. she had her own set for her clothing line Bullet Proof Babes. then i'd see her a couple other times at parties nstuff, and they ways things work in Saint Louis is that all the cool kids know each other, so it was bound for us to know each other. *fun fact, you went to pre school w/ my best friend Alexis Fennoy. anyway, to cut to the chase, she's one of those people in life that you should keep your eye on. and one of the ones who is actually doing something positive in Saint Louis so my hat is off to you. ps: we got into an argument over twitter because we both rep #teambiglips, but she just wont agree that mine are better, lol. btw we gotta kick it soon! follow her on twitter; @BoysLoveBD

*Bullet Proof Babes

don't shush me!

Barbie's lips

Behr's lips *under my breath, are better!

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