Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yeah i was taking pictures while getting tattooed.

my little big brother, blogging buddy best friend BEHR
One of them..

Behr and Mel

Finished product, Micah wanted me to take this picture lol! Done by Behrs Evo btw

A lil footage from the day, i know its not HD that sucks!


Okay so im officially a supporter of B*RIGHT a dope group from Milwaukee trying to get the word out of their first official mixtape and second official video filmed and edited by THE MILLK MAN

Check out the video, i love the concept and fashion.. I love seeing upcoming artists especially people my age showing they have talent.. and the acronym is also a plus lol!

Download the mixtape HERE

and visit their site

Here's their fan page as well

Friday, March 18, 2011


Me x Curtis in '09 at the State Game!

Curtis x Me back in '08 smh!

do you ever just sit back sometimes and think about life? the people in it? we i do. a lot actually. and this post is dedicated to one person in my life in particular. Curtis Taylor Jr. he is no stranger to this blog at all, and will continue making his way here the way things are going for him. he is now a freshman at Mizzou, and doing big things. it seems like just yesterday that we were in high school on the side of my house taking picture to put on facebook w/ my little Cannon. and now he's taking pictures that are on XXL Magazine's website! i'm just so proud of him. oh, and did i mention that he hasn't had just one post on there, but two! the first one being when B.O.B had a performance at the school, and the second is when J. Cole did the same. to keep this post short and sweet i'll wrap it up by saying this; keep your eye on this one, he's gonna be something, big.

Click the links to view the articles.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I was browsing for a denim vest this week, and Tuesday I came across this on Etsy. First heard about this site because Melissa makes handmade jewelry, and this Lady once told her she should sell her stuff on there. They also sell vintage clothing on some stores on the site. This was love at first site for just $10, $5 shipping !

Happy Jey and her vest.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Air Jordan VII 'Bordeaux'

So with he last post in mind, I want THESE when they come out this spring. Its their first time being re-released since 1992. (Were the same age) Its more of a FALL colorway than it is spring to me but still something I could see myself wearing. I could see Behr wearing these too.

I don't think any site i've been to is for sure on the release date, but I keep seeing April 2011, which would be around the time of my 19th birthday.. They're already available for sale on some online stores but not in my size.. they are supposed to release in GS and i need a 7Y. So Im hoping its true. Cause if not that would be THE WORST April fools joke ever lol, I'd be walking around in too big shoes though regardless.

thanks to for the info.



90's commercial for Air Jordan VII. Between Behr being an air jordan enthusiast, and me being a sucker for fashion I really appreciate the brand for its history, and what it means. I never knew that before MJ all basketball shoes were white, he changed the game big time. Then Space Jam came on cartoon network a couple weeks ago and got me inspired lol.