Saturday, April 30, 2011


Lol. I love my city, this is hilarious. Please follow them.. @Nicholsaccomp and @Twiggykix and I dont know if anybody else noticed but I really like the fashion, seriously. The Bordeauxs of course, I saw a made monarch sweatshirt, Twiggy's whole outfit was nice ! But on top of that its so funny.. my favorite part is when the dog is dancing in the corner lol, or the turkey baster lol. I cant decide..

Thug Friends "Titties and Carrot Cake" Drops Wednesday from Absolutism on Vimeo.

Me and Rahmar love this song! We both watched Golden Girls.. i know weird. we sang along !!

Thug Friends "Titties and Carrot Cake" from Absolutism on Vimeo.

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