Monday, May 17, 2010


so my birthday was last weekend on May the 15th! i had the best birthday that i can remember. i can thank the dream team for that! other than me being 18 finally i just enjoyed myself! from waking up to falling asleep was just fun and i genuinely had an amazing day and felt a true happiness that i was fun to just experience. we had a senior bowling trip thingy at King Pin lanes. i got to see a lot of people and have a lot a fun. we then went to the Drunken Fish for a bite to eat, and some wild dancing! lol, i got some cards and a whole lot of happy birthdays and it felt really good! i really felt loved. i got my real license, registered to vote, and opened my own bank account! my next mission is to walk across the street to the gas station and buy the cheapest pack of cigarettes they have and throw them away just because i can! lol! oh and since i'm 18 in the words of Wiz Khalifa i'ma ink my whole body, i don't give a you know what! lol

me, Darryn, and Ash! we <3>Jordans!

Lex w/ my bowtie, and me looking silly!

the first of our drunk dancing friends! lol

happy birthday from the Drunken Fish!

looked good, didn't eat it though. . . darn lactose intolerance!

Mel, Micah, and our other drunk dancing friend!

"i love ya sushi roll, hotter than wusabi"

oh yeah, i was feeling it!

Ash x me x GiGi'

good shot of my outfit!

young love!

Jeyy being ghetto fab! lol, plugged her phone up in the resteraunt!

there she goes again! she winded up kissing Lex on the cheek! lol


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