Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FALL INSPIRATION: A Lighter side to fashion

For FALL, I am very excited to play with my dressy side.. Boots, Leggings/tights and dresses.
I am usually known as the all black everything type, and yeah thats going nowhere lol. But I have decided to find some styles that I would like, and be able to play with as far as more colors are concerned.
I really need some brown lace up boots, like the ones pictured here.
I've recently ordered a pair of red tights, like the ones pictured above I plan on wearing them with buckle up pumps, like the ones pictured except i have a black pair.

Red, has always been a color that Ive strongly disliked.. why? I dont know because now I love it and another item I cant see myself without this fall is a red dress. Something classic that speaks for itself simply because it's red.
And thanks to the lovely Ms.Vashtie Kola and the royal blue dress she wore to her bff Oscar Sanchez's birthday party, Ive noticed how striking this color can be also.

This is a style im veryy excited about. Shorts and tights together. Im just a huge fan of tights, and I love the fact that you can use them to basically keep all your summer and spring clothes in rotation. She also is wearing a trend that Im pretty fond of, which is the studded shoulder look.

LAST but not least, I did mention the fact that I was looking forward to playing w/ dresses, and I think a cream dress would be a nice addition to my wardrobe. It just appears more casual than white and paired w/ pastel colors and black, like it is pictured is something I never would have thought of.. so I'm inspired ♥


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