Tuesday, June 29, 2010


i've never really really been big into sports my whole life. but i must say sports have some pretty cool fashion!

-soccer; their warm up pants are the best thing ever invented to me! loose fitting at the hips and thigh, but tight below the knee! i got a pair of Adidas warm up pants and i'm in love with em'!

excuse the room. y'all know y'alls be like that too sometimes! lol

-basketball has mesh tank tops, and those have been dope since i was a little one. and since my Lakers won ( sorry Celtic fans ) i need to get some of their gear. plus the color scheme is dope; purple and gold! the Chicago Bulls colors are dope with the red, white, and black.

and last i need to cop some Cardinals stuff! gotta rep the Lou when i head up there to Chicago, let em' know what's up! :) if you really think about it baseball jersey's are short sleeve button ups! lol


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