Tuesday, June 15, 2010


for as long as i can remember i've always loved sneakers. beyond that i've always love girls wearing sneakers. girls have so many options as far as heels, flats, sandals, and ect. all of those are cool but ain't nothing sexier to me than a girl with a dope pair of sneakers on. i love a girl that will choose a pair of sneakers over anything else! so here are some females in my life who live what i'm talking about.

-Brooke x Retro "Lakers" 6's

okay this is the home girl Brooke. first off she's a Laker fan and that makes everything better! and no she is not a sneaker head, but for her to choose a sneaker to wear she couldn't have picked a more perfect one. Air Jordan's are a personal favorite for me, and the look really dope on her. she does however inform me that she use to be on her Jordan game in middle school but then just stopped. hopefully we can get her back on that train! lol!

-Gi'Anna x Air Max 95's

Gi'Anna is not a stranger to this blog at all. this will be her third time being on here and i don't see her slowing down. once again she is not a sneaker head, but when she decided to get her a pair she got some of the best! those Air Max's are sexy! the fact that she is so fashion forward means that if you see her in a pair of sneakers she is gonna be killing the game! just as a side note; she will be a senior this year and i am more than happy to see how she is going to own the fashion game at Hazelwood Central. me and Jeyy pass the torch on to you! lol!

-Ashley x Air Jordan's Brand

Ashley is the epitome of a sneaker head! her specialty being Air Jordan's! she is one them now, been on them, and will keep being on them! it seems to me as is if it may be a family thing because her and her brother both are Jordan lovers. she is the type of female that is so dope to me. the kind that will rock a fly pair of kicks with a dress. i think that, that is the sexiest thing ever! this post is to let my baby sisters and my home girl know that i appreciate the fact that they let sneakers be apart of their lives. because it is so easy for girls to just wear a pair of sandals, or something but little do they know it's a lot of guys out here just like me who love a girl in some sneakers!


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  1. the pink and purple jordans are DOPE.. and officially at the top of my summer shopping list.. its so nice to see fellow female sneaker feins :) i dont see that often in LA.. everyone wears boots and heels here "/