Monday, June 28, 2010


yeah, so like two days ago i went to get another tattoo! this time it's a quote. it reads: Pain is imperative; suffering, however, is optional. i don't know where i heard the quote from i just know that i liked it enough to get it tatted! two down a million more to go! here are some pictures! ps: i finally got my hair re-twisted and it can finally fit in a ponytail! holla!

ps: ps: i got a new toy! i love my iPhone, i don't know how i was living my life before i got it because it is a nessecity! and i will be getting the iPhone 4 in December as a Christmas present to myself. yes kids, it's not too early to be thinking of a Christmas list! lol

and ps: ps: ps: i dyed my hair brown with the help of Jeyy and Melissa. you can't tell in the picture but it's pretty dope. i'm gonna dye it the same color one more time and you'll really be able to see it! i'm just happy that the dark brown/ black crap is gone!


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