Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A couple weeks, I got one side of my hair shaved off, leaving a mohawk down the middle, with the other side braided. Today I made my way down to the barber shop and had my guy Damon, chop off the other side too. So I now have a complete mohawk. Its very easy to do, and manage my god its bliss. And the plus is it happens to look very good.I was asked what I was gonna do when I get tired of it. Considering how HECTIC my life is about to get, moving away for college, and all the work that comes along with it, I think my mohawk might be here to stay lol. But when I do, I'll just let it grow out. And im not gonna lie, Rihanna influenced me a lot to make this decision, along w/ my bf Melissa who's been going crazy with the clippers on her hair before me.