Friday, December 10, 2010


a couple nights ago i was chilling w/ my cousin and we always seem to have some great conversations. this time it was about how we miss the 90's! she was born in the late 80's so she has a real good grasp of the 90's! all of this is leading to a specific song that we had to run back a couple of times, a song that will take me back to wearing nothing but a white tee shirt, some Fruit Of The Looms underwear and a blanket w/ multicolored triangles! it's Take Me There by Mya, Blackstreet, Ma$e and Blinky Blink! if you are my age then you know where that came from. The Rugrats Movie! just sitting here is making me smile thinking of my life as a kid. ( sigh ) the good ol days. enjoy as much as i did!

this was about how hard i was smiling. smh, also in the picture is Broke x Jeyy x Melissa


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  1. Lady and gent's. Crossed your blog I love the tunes on here. Is this music by you? I would love to feature you all on my blog if so please stop by and visit contacts and shoot an email.

    Keep up the good work!