Saturday, December 4, 2010


guess it should really be called Black Friday and other purchases because that's what i'm finna show y'all! lol, and i wanna thank Jeyy for wishing me well w/ that tricked out Alicia Keys picture. i really am feeling a lot better! i had temperatures up to 105.5! i just was not in a good state of health. but i bounced back to my old self in no time!

finally got my all black Doc's! they are so sexy, and i can Stomp The Yard in case of emergency.

i'm loving this all fur hat! it was 5 bucks at H&M and really, how could i ever say no to that?

my military-ish jacket also from H&M for only 20 dollars!

my ignorantly long scarf from Urban Outfitters! love that freaking scarf!

last but not least my Evo 4G w/ Sprint. yes, i did have an iPhone and i did love it. AT&T i didn't love. so i decided to be done w/ them and get the Evo. i pretty much love this freaking phone. so #teamAndroid what's cracking?

this is a pretty general overview of stuff that i got over the past couple weeks. minus a couple things that either i couldn't find, didn't wanna find, or was hard to take a picture w/.


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