Tuesday, October 19, 2010


so i've been hip to the fact that Willow Smith is a dope kid a looong time ago. when i first seen her on the red carpets and stuff w/ her brother for Karate Kid. her style is sooo dope to me for her to be just 9 years old! then i heard she had a song, and i had to hear it. w/in seconds i was hooked and i loved it. because truth be told i do whip my hair back and forth! you can ask Jeyy. these dreads hurt when they get whipped at full speed. it's good that there is now a song that puts lyrics behind my actions! lol, i have to say she is the cutest little thing ever! i imagine that this is how my daughter will be. well how about this Willow, you've got your first date w/ me when you turn 18. ( no disrespect ) lol, check out her dope video for her single Whip My Hair!


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