Thursday, April 29, 2010

PHOTOGRAPHY: Talent Lives In These Walls

TUESDAY at school, we had a small talent showcase presented by our very own Student Council. The event entitled Cafe SWE featured dance, singing, acting, spoken word, and music. My battery got very low right before the show, but I still got to get in some of my favorite people.
Mario Turnage on the violins, and Melissa Machen (@melissjoyce)
Daddy Warbucks & Annie lol
The talented MR. Curtis Taylor Jr. & myself. He gives a MEAN monologue & has a dope hat.
Yours Truely ♥ we love our followers & friends
Byron Rogers, when I tell you he is a talent powerhouse. He is. Guitar, singing, painting, sculpting, dancing omg he does them all like a pro, no exaggeration. I'm a huge fan and friend, love him.Byron and Shaunice (left) who is a beautiful singer, and acoustic guitar player, (just a couple talents, i'm aware of) watching her perform is AMAZING. Her lyrics are beautiful, and her voice literally takes us away. I wish i could hear her voice 24/7, we need an album.
Me and Annie Herself (Where was micah??)
Beautiful quote, illustrated by our friend/love Jamila Burton
Mario, didnt want his face, so I got in where i fit in ! lol
& last but not least a guy who doesn't attend our school, but goes to East, Mr. Darris Robbins. He did not perform in the show, but he's a producer and very talented. HE is dying for fame, and works really hard. Something any artist knows about.Darris is a producer and I really need to do a whole blog post on him, but that'll come eventually. for now check out some of his stuff EDIT: Darris is a a producer/ rapper lol. (hey it worked for ye) check out Ghost March, thats him.

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