Saturday, April 3, 2010



-meet Annakiya Costello! she is an ambitious 16yo currently located in Florissant, MO. she is in her junior year of high school and is thinking about Columbia College of Chicago to further her education in photography. just to keep this short and sweet everyone needs to keep their eyes open for her because she is doing her thing right now! the posse ( me, Jeyy, and Mel ) finna have to get down with some shots from her! oh, and she can be contacted on!

- meet Tim Moore! this 18yo young man already on his way in the world of photography. the posse has even gotten our picture taken by him, and the came out dope! he could actually tell you better than i could, visit his blog here.

-meet, ehh, well. you already know her. . . Jessica Page! of course you can't forget about my baby boo Jeyy! she is the reason that most of the pictures we put on the blog of us together are the bomb! she hooks it all the way up!



  1. how sick are you guys.. and i love the photographs.. you guys will go far.. keep it up kay ;)... im following.. follow back??

  2. somebody should shoot me . im a model . LOL !

  3. Spacey Tee we're mos def following ! & Kay, I really want to ! I love taking pictures of dope people, like yourself lol