Thursday, August 5, 2010

JUL. 30: Happy Birthday '92 Till Infinity

This picture of Jamila was the ONLY picture taken from our time at the Drunken Fish. You may remember our post on Behr's Birthday where we kicked it there for dinner and dancing. Unfortuantely when we arrived, they were booked and didnt have room for our party of 8. So after an awkward time at Culpeppers, which was right across the street and not as packed, we decided that it wasnt close to the night we expected it to be.. Luckily right down the street we found Sub Zero Vodka & Sushi bar. The night took a turn for the better and we had good food, good friends, and a good time.

Our tatted friend Lake, and the lovely Brooke who you may remember from the post on Chicks with Kicks

Melissa & I


Clinton & Jamila

Alexis sporting a crop top, cut and bleached by Behr

Random under the table pic

After Sub Zero , making sure everybody knew how to get to the party we were going to next.


@_MCMXCII (Jess)
@_RUFFduff (Behr)
@Joy_Life (Melissa)
@Scotty_Boy_Lake (Lake)
@CRU3L_KiDD0 (Clint)
@JayyMcGoo (Jamila)

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