Sunday, August 9, 2009

WHACK! : Lupe Fiasco, Live on the Levee meet and greet

Call me a hater, but i'm a HUGE lupe fan.. how do people like this get a meet and greet w/ him! & okay i know nothing about these people, but im judging all of these books by the cover based on the fact that there were hardly any black people, and he was in St.Louis.. & then the black people he did get to meet, (still being judgemental) didnt look like lupe fans! where were the cool black kidz, or the skateboarder kidz? im really upset with who ever organized this. If they would have had a lupe trivia contest to see who would meet him, i bet none of them would have made it. i could've beasted it..! i won a trivia contest about Twilight at hot topic, lmaoo.. anyway i just thought it was whack...
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