Friday, August 7, 2009

Celebrity CRUSHES! ♥

Teyana Taylor is my celebrity crush, celebrity boo, and my celebrity LOVE! i friggin love her! ok, where do i start? she is one of those people who don't come around often in life! she is multi talented in EVERY meaning of the words2. she can rap, sing, and dance! i mean really. . who else can do that? and lets not even get started on her fashion game, which by the way is siiiiick. she is the best thing out here to me. and beyond everything else i love how real she is. i watch her on ustream and she just seem like a cool person, and i feel like i can relate to her w/ some of the things she has been thru in life. so just to sum it up, i love her because she is talented, SEXY, and just a overall dope person. ily Teyana!

+ JEY's celebrity crush.. Scott Mescudi

The first time I saw Kid Cudi was on the cover of an October issue of XXL in '08. I was like.. why is ace hood on the cover of a magazine.. some other dude & who's the one jumping in the air! I swear kanye does NOT put his artists out there like he should. Big Sean is just like Cudi was a year ago.. we'll see where he is next summer though. Anyway, Well the issue was posted on Kanye's blog, and he mentioned that it was Kid Cudi, so I did research.. & I of course came across Day & Night.. WAY before all these lames these days, who think thats his only song. smh. Anyway.. I fell in love with his 'stoner charm'.. its not a secret that i have a thing for musicians, and Cudi is definetly at the top of my list, and has been for awhile



  1. Actually I'm loving Teyanas body.
    You just got a new reader.. I really like your blog :)

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