Sunday, August 2, 2009


The day every st.louis kid with any type of taste in music had been waiting for, finally arrived! We spent the day shopping before catching the metrolink from the loop, to see Lupe Fiasco Live on the Levee.
*melissa & i in one of those expensive boutiques in the loop, needless to say we didn't buy anything

* snap and posing like Chris Crocker on Melissa. Behr & Meliss, moments after an employee told us not to take photographs because of copyright laws, so copyright to R Sole shoe store! lol

Finally got down to the arch, and it was a beautiful experience! Too see so many people hype for Lupe.All was well except the random drunk white kids, who were taking up space, blubbering words and dancing off beat. Huh, it was annoying. & of course all the random people 'passing through'.

* We went crazy for 'Go Go Gadget Flow' , 'Streets on Fire', 'Paris Tokyo', 'Little Weapon', 'Everyone Nose (Remix)' just to name a few, it was great. & Not to mention 'Shining Down'! & another new one 'Army Girl'.
We had a BLAST tho! At the end Bishop G threw out the drummer's drum sticks & we were lucky enough to be with Alexis Fennoy who caught one :D ! & knowing what huge Lupe fans Behr and I are, she let us have it. Great way to end a fantastic nightt. Now were just looking forward to Kanye & Lady Gaga in December.


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