Thursday, January 7, 2010


soooo i really like silly accessories, they are funny and can add a lot to an outfit. them same reason that back in the day i had a LCD Scrolling Screen Belt Buckle, lol! but i seen Chris Breezy wearing a fox fail on some picture, and i thought that it was really dope and right up my alley. so doing a lil googling i found who was behind this. Soulful Commandoe is and a pleasant surprise is that i like just about ALL of they're stuff. especially the drop crotch denim which y'all already know is all i been waiting on, lol. they're online and in store launch will happen on May 24th so i think me and Jeyy finna have a road trip! for more click here. below are some spotted pics.

Chris Brown w/ friends.
Chris Brown getting into a car.
Ye' back in the day.

- '92 TILL INFINITY • (Behr)

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