Sunday, January 3, 2010

So over the break, i didnt get much, but everything i got, was great! Behr, & my other loves, Micah & Mel gave me lots of love via my favorite store, FOREVER 21. & thanks to Moms, I got to do a little shopping myself after xmas.

THIS, is true blue, hoodie. I named it because the color is so vivid & i feel its the way blue should always be represented, lol. -Forever 21.
Underneath my hoodie, is reliable white tee. I figured if im gonna wear tights as pants, i'll need support. & thats just what my size medium white tee does for me. -Forever 21.
This is my new, favorite purse. (no name as of now) it slings perfectly over me, & provides easy access to my lip gloss. -H&M.

& these are my LATTICE ANKLE TIGHTS. bought these, at Express.

I normally never shop there.. but i instantly fell in love when i saw them. The cost was 16.50, but the sales lady cut me a break & I got them for 3.99. As you can see, i've found ways to make them casual & dressy.

Back to school tommorow, BUT atleast im going back way beyond in style.


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