Tuesday, January 19, 2010


(click to make big, & grasp full concept. lol.)
A couple weeks ago, i put all my xmas gifts from my besties into an outfit, a sequined bow from Melissa, navy blue/black lace skirt from Micah , and black lace gloves from my brother & blog partner, Behr. It turned, out really nice, and I decided to go for a single glove, RIP MJ, appeal, lol.

On another note, lately my inner artist has been spilling herself out, I have so many plans for yearbook, and I've been making some pretty cool layouts for the book. The latest i've just finished, is something Melissa and I are working on together, a fashion spread. It was like a cool kid casting call today, lol finding the right kids to feature. Anyway, the plan is cool, the execution of the plan is gonna be hectic.! I'm so excited to see this book come summer.

Well ok, off to reading Things Fall Apart for english. I have a test on chapters 1-14 tommorow, and I'm about to start CH 2, lmao. peace :)



  1. I think it's AWESOME that you're in yearbook. So am i. Something we have in common. :)

    & that book suuuucccksss! Lol. Me & Kay struggled reading that thing last semester! Lol. But good luck! Peaceee.