Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tie Dye!!

Sonic has nothing to do with tie dye, he just likes to be seen!

the back of it

Direct T.V Remote x Sonic x Bed x Shirt

check my name spelled wrong. lol

so tie dye has been around me a lot in life. and i really like it. this shirt totally has a story behind it. i had a friend when i lived in my old house that lived next door, and we were the best of friends. she happened to move to Colorado (go figure), and she made this especially for me. and i just found it, and looking at it. . it's really cool. so in other words what i'm about to do is get a whole bunch of vee necks in different colors and trick em out! lol. oh yeah, that's Sonic the Hedgehog up there. . he's the homeboy! peace in the Middle East.
- '92 TILL INFINITY • (Behr)

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