Sunday, September 13, 2009


so, im not a DJ, & i do not own a record player, but yet i hit up vintage vinyl, and buy the good vinyl that people who actually have turntables, probably want! SO YEA BASICALLY IM A POSER .Sometimes i think the people at vintage vinyl know i'm not a dj.! Vinyl looks nice though, and i consider it a piece of art! & since when is buying art a crime? LOL. thats the life of a kanyeezy groupie though. If i had some turntables in my life, i could throw a siick '90's party & be the DJ! & not the fake '90's parties where u dress like u was there & just play the music. im talkin like full out 2pac 'I Get Around' type, pool party '90's party!

* so my vinyl collection is small.. but pretty sick rite now!

SOpeep the vid & be preapared to attend my party, when i get my turntables

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