Wednesday, September 16, 2009


KILLIN the fashion game!

the first time i'd ever seen GaGa perform, on SYTYCD.

ok. so since i'm a dancer when i heard "Just Dance" i fell in love with it. the song was so dope and it happened to be by this artist named Lady GaGa. from then on i had to know who this person was. not long after i had seen the video for the song and i sat back and thought to myslef and said "this is a really dope video, and she can dance. . i like her." from there i happened to be watching my FAVORITE show So You Think You Can Dance and she was performing on it. the performance was amazing from the outfit to the vocals. after that she just coming back with hit after hit, and this person wasn't a gimmick. the fashion, the music, the hair it was all real and she honestly is my generation's Madonna. go GaGa!! can't wait to see u in Dec. with Kanye!!
- '92 TILL INFINITY • (Behr)

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