Thursday, July 29, 2010


okay this post is long overdue! i just could never find a lot of pictures of him by himself. anyway the coolest thing happened to me twitter! i tweeted Oscar Sanchez and he tweeted me back! lol, i've always seen him on Vashtie's blog and read how she said that they were best friends! and what stood out to me is how well he dressed. his style was just so effortless looking. looking at pictures of him and Vashtie makes me think of how me and Jeyy are going to be in a few years from now! i won't go on talking forever but he just seems like a really cool dude. and he tweeted me and Jeyy "thanks soooo much! Reach for the stars!! theres nothing that can stop you! ;)" after i said "you and @vashtie are the coolest friends ever! me and my best friend @JYEpage wanna be like y'all when we grown up! lol". now enjoy some dope pictures courtesy of Vashtie's blog. ( we know she won't mind ) lol!

we really just want both of you all to know that y'all are an inspiration to us. and we'll be hittin' NYC soon to kick it w/ y'all! lol

this pic reminds me of two people i know!

those are the same people after before and after the sun! lol


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