Wednesday, November 18, 2009

These just might be my new favorite things to wear. I have these in forest green, and i have them in a deep fuchsia.They look really cool, and stop the need for pants, thats always a plus.! lol.

I never was a fan of tights.. maybe because i always wore tennis shoes up until recently. I could wear these so many ways, w/ skirts, dresses, my boots. I also want to start buying some with cool patterns. Specifically FLORAL. Like Vashtie has on below;

I love Vashtie, shes a cool NYC icon & she's my fashion role pretty good at dressing myself, but im glad I always have somebody to turn to for inspiration. She has on PEGLEG Floral Leggings and if you look they cost $80. I guess i'll add this to the list of things santa needs to bring.
To see more of Vashtie at this photo shoot CLICK HERE!


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