Sunday, November 22, 2009

Celebrity Crush. . Cassie

okay, lets take it back to the year 2006 for a while. this song was released the day after my birthday on May 16th. the video comes on while i was watching MTV Jams, and i started to wonder who is Cassie because i've never heard of her until then. so as the video went on i see a slim built girl stretching and dancing around, but to top it off she is REALLY cute. as the video ended and i wanted nothing more but for it to come on again so i could see her. and it's basically been that way since then, lol. she has just gotten more and more attractive. even with a shaved head she makes it work for her and started a trend out of it. let me run down all the things that i like about this young lady.
  1. her FULL lips
  2. her style
  3. her eyes
  4. her body
  5. all of the above again! lol

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