Wednesday, February 2, 2011


okay so as a youngster I of course loved pokemon... I grew up around boys, well my cousins specifically. So when I was at home, I loved playing Barbies and dress up, but when I had to stay with the boys, I found myself engaged in Pokemon, and I loved it!

Of course No one knew how to actually play with Pokemon cards, but We traded, stole and bought them. It was serious, no joke. On the playground and every Christmas between 1998 and 2001.

Anyway my collection still exists surprisingly. Every once in a while I glance through it and reminise like today.

These are my least two favorite Pokemon. I'll tell you why. Jiggly Puff was weak! He sang and put people to sleep, then drew on their eyes, get outta here. Thats lame. And Jynx, who for whatever reason BEHR, always picks when we play Pokemon Stadium really disturbs me. The boob job, the lips, the wig its all too much. lol

THIS is my favorite pokemon card ever! It came with Pokemon the First movie, which I bought at Circuit City the first day it came out on vhs. I watched the movie like 4 times that night. Its Mewtwo who of course was the villain pokemon in the movie.
Here we have, me three favorite Pokemon ! Haunter, Meowth and Squirtle. So I like Haunter because Purple is my favorite color and he's a purple ghost how cool is that? And I always thought ghost pokemon were cool.

Meowth was by far the funniest pokemon and he could talk.. like who wants to hear a pokemon repeat its name all day. Not me. I like Meowth for teaching himself how to talk by being stuck in an attic listening to conversations, that's so cool.

Then we have, Squirtle. On the first episode he was introduced on he was part of a gang of wild Squirtles, and he left his gang to join Ash, that shows heart! I appreciate that.

And I never understood Trainer Cards.. But these made me laugh.


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