Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MUSIC: Onika Maraj

way back in the day me and my brother were discussing female rap artists. and how there were a lack of really talented ones. he felt to be a top female emcee in the game you had to be physically attractive and have the ability to spit rhymes like a dude. well i guess he doesn't have to look any more because Nicki Minaj is here! i wasn't that big of a Minaj supporter at first, but as time went on you really see that she is talented. and she doesn't rely on sex to make a hot 16, she just spit it and i respect that. listening to her music i'm to the point that i can't understand why someone wouldn't like her. he topics actually have relevance, she talks about what actually does need to be talked about. so all i'm saying is she's what the game has been needing! and below are some clips of her showcasing the fact that she goes hard!
-Itty Bitty Piggy

-5 Star Chick Verse


-Still I Rise


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