Sunday, December 13, 2009

So our senior dance theme is Tokyo Nights..

So, the theme is Tokyo Nights, and the colors are black & neon colors. Im really excited for this dance & not necessarily the dance itself, but to have a reason to dress up. Like downtown Tokyo fashion is so siick. I DONT think the people at my school are ready for what I plan on dropping.

*So she's not japanese, but I really like the gold makeup she has going across her face, I could make it work.! Like make-up can actually look good if you get the right kind. Not that dry powdery eye shadow that gets done so often. & BTW this is Natasha Khan from the group Bat For Lashes.Then my bestie Melissa & I plan on having Geisha lips. like Gaga did in in the Paparazzi video:

& I havent even began to think about what im wearing. But its cool cause the dance isnt until like mid/late January i think. Im kinda excited to see how this will progress though.


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