Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harem Pants a.k.a Drop Crotch Pants

alright. . my liking for these style of pants started when i first stumbled upon a pair of Adidas jogging pants that the soccer team at my school would wear. they were baggy in the crotch area and then got tight at the leg. i thought that that was the coolest thing ever. . then i see Cassie in her video for "Official Girl" and she has em on too so in time they come out but just for women. but my luck has changed because now they make them for men. and i GOTTA have em!! i would totally wear it like the guy in the first picture. or even thrown a leather jacket on with some black war boots and a black beanie. i can't wait until i can get my hands on some!
- '92 TILL INFINITY • (Behr)

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