Wednesday, July 29, 2009

THROWBACK: Beetleborgs

Although neither one of us know when or why this show came into conversation (LOL), for a while now Behr has been talking about a show he used to watch entitled 'Beetleborgs',trying to convince me that it was like power rangers and everybody used to watch it. I never even heard of the show, but since he liked it I decided to see what it was about. Did a lil YouTube research, here's what I found:

WTF. All i needed was the opening credits. Looks like the Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles teamed up for this one. lmao! I don't think anybody watched it, but dellwood kids. Anyway.. here was my favorite non-cartoon show. Although not related to 'Beetleborgs" in any way Bear In The Big Blue House

Im thinkin BITBBH is smashinn beetleborgs all the way, lmao. Growing up I always wanted to live in the house! it looked like so much fun

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